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Work safety excellence at De Dietrich Process Systems

30 March 2017
AMS certification awarded to competence center in Mainz for glass equipment and process systems

Employees of De Dietrich Process Systems are happy about the AMS certification.

Ausgezeichneter Arbeitsschutz bei De Dietrich Process Systems

The Occupational Safety and Health Management System of De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH was audited by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution VBG, and in February 2017 was certified as compliant with "AMS- Arbeitsschutz mit System" for the first time. On 17 March 2017, Georg Kämer, Prevention Manager at VBG Mainz, presented the certificate to Dr. Michael Blumbach, Director of Glass Products at De Dietrich Process Systems.

We have adopted a quick method of hazard assessment in our factory. When necessary, employees verify with the aid of a check-list shortly before starting work, that the workplace meets allthe occupational safety criteria. Cases of near accident are also analysed and discussed in an Occupational Safety Committee. The goal is to eliminate any potential danger points.

"We want to continuously improve occupational safety in a structured and sustained manner, and reduce the number of work-related accidents and near accidents", declared Dr. Michael Blumbach. "The AMS certification also lets our employees, customers and visitors understand the importance of occupational safety." Georg Krämer,emphasises the other benefits of AMS certification: "Audited occupational safety, but above all its everyday practise, is a real competitive advantage. Organised work and health safety creates trust and makes a company attractive to job applicants."

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