From QVF Glastechnik GmbH to De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH

The founding of QVF Glastechnik in Wiesbaden-Biebrich in 1955

QVF Glastechnik GmbH was founded in 1955 as the subsidiary of the English company, QVF Ltd.

Relocation to Wiesbaden-Schierstein in 1961

A new and much larger factory was built to cope with the high demand from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for equipment made of borosilicate glass 3.3 .

Acquisition by CORNING in 1973

CORNING INCORPORATED, the largest special glass manufacturer of the world, took over the English mother company QVF Ltd. and simultaneously acquired the French competitor EIVS S.A. All three companies were combined into one new business unit- CORNING PROCESS SYSTEMS- and operated worldwide with different geographic responsibilities.

Independance from CORING in 1993

In the course of strategic reorientation, Corning sold the PROCESS SYSTEMS Group, including a similar division in the USA in 1993 to Senior Managers from Germany and England. QVF Glastechnik then became headquarters of the QVF-group.

Competence through size in 1998

In 1998 the merger of the QVF Glastechnik GmbH and Schott Engineering GmbH and the fusion of their activities was represented by a new company, the QVF ENGINEERING GMBH with its Head Office in Mainz. QVF ENGINEERING GMBH does not only wish to be a market leader, but also a competent partner for components, apparatus and systems in glass and other corrosive-resistant materials.

Member of a strong group in 2000

In 2000 the QVF Group was sold to De Dietrich S.A.S. and became hence a member of the strong group with a focus on the chemical and pharmaceitical industry, the De Dietrich Process Systems Group, specializing in De Dietrich® glass-lined equipment, QVF® borosilicate glass and processes as well as Rosenmund® filters and dryers.

New building for the QVF Engineering Department in 2001

New Engineering Building 2001

Renaming of the company in 2009

As a visible sign of being a member of a strong group QVF Engineering GmbH changed the name to De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH. QVF® is continued as trademark for the well-known processes and the components made of boroslicate glass 3.3.

Entrance of De Dietrich Process Systems GmbH

Hattenbergstr. 36, 55122 Mainz

50.016530, 8.238514 or                                      

50°00'59.5"N 8°14'18.6"E