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Do I Need a Facility Check?

Preventive maintenance measures saves costs and enhances the safety of your facility. Even if glass facilities are not governed by repeat inspection in accordance with Operational Safety Regulations, control measures are necessary for assumed corrosion processes. We offer you a maintenance package including documentation for single operational measures or within the scope of a maintenance agreement contingent to need.

Facility Check

Possible assistance upon demand:

  • Assessment of conformity
  • Measures for adaptation to EU directive 2014/68/EC
  • “As-is” assessment including parts inspection (see below)
  • Evaluation of EX rated electrical and mechanical protection contingent to the operating zone
  • Recommendations/measures for adaptation to EU directive 2014/34/EC, e.g. refit of agitators
  • Assessment of residual threats due to static electricity
  • Recommendations and measures, which are contingent to operational zone structure and material groups (see offer scope of parts and coatings that are capable for electrical deduction)
Machine Directive*
  • Evaluation of mechanically rotating facility parts (agitator, pumps)
Process Inspection
  • Recommendations for process optimization
  • Scheme designing of energy saving options
  • Removal of bottlenecks
Parts Inspection
  • Visual inspection in assembled state (glass parts, connections, safety equipment)
  • Measurement of wall thicknesses including documentation in assembled state
  • Re-assemble of a dis-assembled facility including delivery of the CE symbol
  • Re-assemble in accordance with QVF(R) safety conception against static electricity
  • Relocation of facilities
  • And more


*advisory support only; responsibility for the compliance with the directives is with the owner/operator of a glass facility.